On Friday evening, October 14th, men from all over Ravalli County will Walk a Mile in women shoes to consider the experiences of women affected by sexual violence.

The Walk a Mile in her Shoes® campaign is an event geared towards raising awareness to end sexual violence. As a fundraiser, participants are encouraged to ask their friends, family and coworkers to pledge in support. All proceeds help SAFE to provide housing, services, and community programs.

According to the CDC, nearly 1 in 5 women in the United States (18.3%) reported experiencing rape at some point in their lives. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® is a movement that uses humor to break down stereotypes about men and women. It works to collapse the powerful vs. powerless paradigm that is the hallmark of sexual violence. “Walk a mile in Her Shoes’ isn’t simply a stunt – it’s a statement about men’s roles in ending violence against women; an issue that is connected to strict gender roles and expectations of men. By wearing heels and acting in solidarity with women, we want to show we will do whatever it takes to make this a safer world for everyone,” reads a statement on the White Ribbon Campaign’s site.

Men of all ages will take a big step out of their comfort zone and wear the provided high heels as they, along with other community members march a mile along Main Street, in Hamilton on October 14th.  Gentlemen, if you were waiting for the perfect time to show your commitment to ending sexual violence, the time is now.

Join us. Friday, October 14th, 2016. 5:30 Registration. Walk starts at 6:00 PM. All men are encouraged to register! All others can join and support the walkers.

Registration form. Fill out and return to SAFE PO Box 534 Hamilton, MT 59840 or bring it to the SAFE offices 150 Morningstar Way, Hamilton.

Pledge Form. Print, have your supporters sign & bring sheet and donations on the day of the walk. http://www.safeinthebitterroot.org/SAFE/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Walk_a_Mile_Pledge_Sheet_2016.pdf