24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 406-363-4600


SAFE offers emergency shelter, transitional housing, and rapid rehousing.


 Emergency Shelter 

SAFE provides emergency shelter for families and individuals who are in need of safe emergency housing due to domestic or sexual violence. While staying at the shelter, survivors have the opportunity to be safe while making plans for violence-free futures. For emergency assistance, call 406-363-4600

Transitional Housing

The SAFE Transitional Housing Program is dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Our purpose is to advocate for violence-free relationships, safety and self-direction by providing a safe, non-judgmental, supportive community.

The SAFE Transitional Housing Program was created to provide survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking the opportunity to live in a violence-free community for up to two years while developing and working toward plans for safe, self-directed lives. To learn more about SAFE’s Transitional Housing program, call 406-363-4600.

Rapid Rehousing

The Rapid Rehousing Program can provide up to 12 months of financial rental assistance for those who have become homeless due to domestic or sexual violence.  To learn more about the Rapid Rehousing program, call 406-363-4600