Garden Tomatoes

SAFE Community Garden!

This year the SAFE community and some dedicated Master Gardeners in Hamilton have come together to create a fantastic new community garden! Each garden bed has been (or will be)  planted from seed and lovingly nurtured by women in the SAFE community. The Master Gardeners have been tremendous in teaching and supporting our budding gardeners!

With our four garden beds we have created some fun themes. Our pizza bed contains all the veggies and herbs we could want for creating scrumptious pizzas come harvest time. Our salsa bed will spice up our community dinners and the herb bed will kick up our cooking.

This year we are so grateful to the Bitterroot Secret Garden tour for sponsoring our garden! Their tour is sold out! We love to see so many people interested in gardening. To find out more and to mark your calendars for next year check out their facebook page at:

We are really excited about this new venture in gardening and a thousand thanks to our supporters for making this happen! Garden meetings are Tuesday evening at 5pm. If you are a gardener or want to get involved click here and let us know!